zero waste cutlery set
bamboo cutlery set
zero waste cutlery set
biodegradable cutlery
biodegradable cutlery
biodegradable cutlery
bamboo fork, bamboo spoon, bamboo knife
bamboo cutlery set

Eco-Warrior Bamboo Kit

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A basic bamboo cutlery set of items everyone who cares about our Planet should have. It includes: biodegradable cutlery like: a bamboo spoon, a bamboo fork, a bamboo knife, bamboo chopsticks, a bamboo toothbrush, a straw and a cleaning brush, all in stylish cloth bag. Perfect for travels and eating outside to avoid using their plastic versions. Countless plastic utensils, straws and toothbrushes  end up in landfills, rivers and oceans, polluting our environment. Using natural, sustainable and long-lasting bamboo items is a great way to help us solve the plastic crisis.

Now available also in a special variant for couples, which includes in each of 2 sets: bamboo cutlery, a dreamlike blue straight and bent stainless steel straws with a cleaning brush, all in a beautiful cloth.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Natural & Biodegradable
  • Safe and Plastic-Free
  • Durable
  • Reusable
  • Handy


  • Cutlery length: 7.87 inch
  • Chopsticks length: 7.87 inch
  • Straw length: 7.67 inch
  • Toothbrush: 6.88 inch
  • Material: Bamboo

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Jordan Kling

just as photos. good quality as well. from sturdy bamboo

Reed Jerde

Excellent set of cutlery. And lovely little pouch. Straw is a good size with the cleaning brunch included. Chopsticks look good but a few have a slight crack where the upper end has been twisted for aesthetics, nothing sharp poking out and doesn't cause any issues with use.

Zack Blick

Was missing a bamboo fork, but the seller resent a set so resolved the issue. Excellent set of biodegradable cutlery. And lovely little pouch.

Lysanne West

Good set in lovely pouch

Elenora Bins

Very good