How to be more Eco Friendly during pandemic. Top 5 Sustainable products.


The COVID-19 Pandemic surprised us all, making us forget about how to be eco friendly, the world’s plastic pollution crisis, and the importance of eco-friendly lifestyle. Sadly the single-use personal protective equipment like countless face masks and gloves, empty hand sanitizer, bottles, bags that made a strong comeback in supermarkets, and disposable packaging are causing a serious environmental crisis. It is feared that after the coronavirus pandemic another one awaits us - a pollution one. One way to reduce the ever-increasing buildup of plastic waste is to use sustainable items as much as possible.


cloth face mask
  1. Switch to Reusable Face Masks

In times of coronavirus pandemic, disposable face masks are becoming an environmental issue. Having a face mask is a must in many regions around the United States. It’s estimated that most single-used face masks will end up in the ocean and landfills as they are not recyclable. The most environmentally-friendly option is a reusable breathable cloth mask. Look for masks that are made with natural, organic, recycled, and/or upcycled materials. Although, any mask is better than no mask. Just put them in a pillowcase on a normal wash to keep them clean. Remember that you should always wash your cloth mask after each time you use it. You can just put them in a laundry bag or pillowcase on a normal wash to keep them clean. This is not only better for the environment because by choosing the reusable face masks, but you can also help to leave the disposable face masks for the healthcare workers and patients that really need them.


cloth grocery bags
  1. Bring your own bag for shopping again

For a few months during the coronavirus outbreak, in parts of the US, reusable grocery bags have been banned at supermarkets after fears the old bags may be unhygienic and spread the virus. Fortunately, cloth shopping bags are allowed again and make a comeback across the states, as there is no scientific proof they are unsafe to use and the ban was fear-based. Scientists state the virus can spread on many types of surfaces, including plastic, If an infected person coughs or sneezes on something — whether it is a shopping cart handle, a product on the shelf, a paper, or a reusable bag. So when it comes to buying your groceries, always make sure to bring your own bags along to avoid using plastic bags at the supermarket. Also, remember to bring some smaller cloth bags when it comes to buying fruit and vegetables. Don’t forget that available In-store single-use bags have a useful life for a couple of minutes and then they end up as pollution in the environment for decades in landfills, on land, and in oceans. We’ve all seen the pictures of entangled by plastic bags sea turtles and whales with trash in their stomach. We also eat it, for example with a fish that consumed it, despite how unimaginable it sounds.


bamboo toothbrush
  1. Use biodegradable goods at Home

Use sustainable and biodegradable goods at home. With spending more time at home, we are consuming more goods. Switching from disposable to reusable is still the best way to stay green. Replace your disposable plastic products with natural biodegradable goods made of bamboo, wheat, or cork. Bamboo is the fastest growing resource on Earth, it's not only super strong and durable but also naturally anti-bacterial. It's a real gift from Mother Earth and it's even believed it can save the world. That is why it's highly recommended to show support towards goods made of bamboo. You can find bamboo toothbrushes, cutlery, straws, hair brushes, makeup brushes, bamboo fiber made towels, cleaning cloths, reusable makeup pads, and more. You can also look for durable, non-toxic and 100% recyclable goods made o stainless steel, which is also considered a green product


sustainable products for your home
  1. Take care of your leftovers

We are Home a lot more these days, maybe even all the time. Instead of dining in restaurants, we are cooking home more and occasionally, venturing out for takeout dinners from our favorite local restaurants. As a result, we end up with a lot of leftovers. With help comes products like reusable silicone stretch lids, which will provide a perfect seal to your leftovers and keep them fresh. Silicone is safe to use and non-toxic for people and the planet, it's also much more ocean-friendly than plastic. It can withstand heating and freezing without leaching hazardous chemicals, that's why it's safe to use it in a microwave and freezer. To avoid using too much disposable plastic wrap, you can also try natural washable beeswax wraps. Those are made of organic cotton mixed with beeswax. Even when the quarantine is over you will love to use them for your outdoor lunch at work or school.


handmade gadgets
  1. Discover Eco-friendly Home-office gadgets

With the pandemic, many companies are having their employees work remotely. Home-office is something new for many people.  There are some smart home office gadgets, like smartphone and laptop stands and docking stations that will help you boost your productivity and keep your desk clean and organized. But did you know these also exist in a wood or bamboo option? This makes them not only environmentally friendly, but also solid and durable, plus will add a little sense of style to your Office. If you already have health issues with back pains maybe it’s a good time to invest in a posture corrector that will help you keep your back in good shape while working or doing everyday stuff.